Remix engineer, a personality in the world of Radio in Baltimore and assistant in the pre-production of all works signed by BASEMENT BOYS (of which we remember the most recent Jasper Street Company). He got a Master in Communication at Maryland University in Baltimore.At the tender age of 14, Spen started his career realizing megamix for the radio WEBB AM (1982) and during that time, Spen was part of a Rap group called NUMARX. This group released his first album called “IT’S OUR Time” on label Study Records. The album contained the track “Girl you Know it’s true” that was subsequently copied by VANILLI and became a big hit in Europe arriving to number one in all Radio Hit Parades. In 1986, Spen was a personality in the Radio world and got one mix of his show on Radio WEBB from 7,00pm to midnight. In 1991 after having taken the diploma he changed radio and started his new MIX Show on Radio WWIN 95,9 FMs transmitting every Friday evening.

In 1992 the Radio Station changed its name from MAJIC to WWIN 95,9FM, modifying his way of programming and this gave the chance to Spen to have his own MIXSHOW on Saturday evening. This show, at the moment, is still on and is called “The FlashBack Saturday Night Dance Party”. DJ Spen is Resident rotation Dj at the PARADOX club in Baltimore on Saturday evening. He is also resident DJ every Sunday at the TRAX club in Washington DC. Spen, at the moment, is the MixShows manager and coordinator in a Radio Station called V 103 just reopened with new owners. Furthermore, he is journalist and reporter for American newspapers as Sin, HITMAKERS and IMPACT MAGAZINE. He is Resident Dj every Saturday (always in rotation) at the Red Club in Washington DC besides working in record productions with his new partner Josane in his new society called SpenSane Productions.