When it comes to dance music, few producers can claim the same authority that Boddhi Satva has. Known affectionately as the founding father of Ancestral Soul, Boddhi’s music has spirituality as the central hallmark and uses the thread of soul music to weave a seamless tapestry of African music styles, set to the pace of house music changing entirely the way the genre is perceived and experienced..

An alumnus of Osunlade’s Yoruba Records, Boddhi is the label owner of Offering Recordings. He joined house music’s elite after being hand picked by Grammy award-winning producer Louie Vega in 2008 for in-house duties within the Vega stable as a producer and resident tour DJ. This uniquely extensive repertoire is what affords Boddhi Satva the sort of wide global reach he enjoys today. As a DJ he holds down a residency in places like Middle Eastern Doha. And his production capability drew the attention of the Kenyan directors of Coke Studio Africa – a music reality television series that pits together veteran and new school music artists of African descent. In 2015 the AFRIMA Awards nominated Boddhi in the category of Best African Electronic Music with his song Mama Kosa featuring Kaysha. Since then Boddhi has been releasing music on monthly bases further expanding his worldwide reach with great success and accolades. “Kanga Mutu”, “lvili”, “An nou Ale”, “Xe Mana Bella” or “Fade Away” amongst many others have become club hits.