Born in Rome, Andrea Rango is the music director of m2o, biggest Italian network about electronic and dance music. He started his career on local radio and soon worked his way up to become involved with the main networks Radio Deejay, RDS, Radio Capital.
He presents the daily show called “SoUNdzRISE”, a show that is essential to the growth and support of dance music in the country.
His great passion for music and record collecting has shaped him as an eclectic and creative dj and innovative producer.

The union of the rhythmic house music alongside electronic and classic sounds has shaped his unique dj-sets and productions. His wide range of musical selection from jazz, soul, funk, pop, as well as house and electronica, has made him a very eclectic dj who’s not afraid to experiment with sets ranging from jazz to techno. Within his dj sets he creates real live sessions using the latest technology in digital mixing. Already a proven dj success in his native country Andrea is ready to take on the rest of Europe!.